Buffalo Thorn Honey

Overberg Honey Stall in Hermanus now has Buffalo Thorn Honey available!
Did you know: Buffalo Thorn Honey (wag-‘n-bietjie heuning) takes up to 3 years before crystallization takes place.
Buffalo Thorn Honey is a tasty treat and is believed to have healing properties inherited from the Buffalo Thorn Tree that produces the nectar, such as anti-microbial properties that makes it useful for stomach ulcers or chest complaints.

Buffalo Thorn Honey at Overberg Honey Stall Hermanus

Uses of the Buffalo Thorn Tree:

‘A decoction of the glutinous roots is commonly administered as a painkiller for all sorts of pains as well as dysentery. A concoction of the bark and the leaves is used for respiratory ailments and other septic swellings of the skin. Pastes of the root and leaves can be applied to treat boils, swollen glands, wounds and sores. Steam baths from the bark are used to purify and improve the complexion (Palmer & Pitman 1972). In East Africa, roots are used for treating snake bites (Hutchings et al. 1996). All of the above can be attributed to the peptide alkaloids and anti-fungal properties isolated from the bark and leaves. Source: PlatZAfrica 


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