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Bee Pollen Health Benefits

With honey being the magical product that it is, we often forget that honey is not the only health product in the hive. Visit this site and find out more about the amazing benefits of beepollen. Nadia Vorster 22/07/2013

The Power of Honey and Cinnamon

It’s no secret that the great combination of honey and cinnamon can be used to prepare delicious dishes and warm beverages, but have you ever considered the medicinal properties of this duo? I did some research on the subject and found that one can achieve incredible¬†remedial results¬†by consuming and applying a mixture of honey and […]

Honey Health Explained

I was looking around the web for any type of article or list that contains as many of the beneficial properties of honey as I could find when I came across an article by Kelly Joyce Neff. If you’ve ever wondered about all of this talk of ‘honey health’, reading this article would be a […]