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Planting 4 Bees in South Africa

    Do your bit for those that does so much for us. Here is a list of plants that would make these little guys look twice!

The State of Beekeeping in SA

  Ever wondered what part you can play in the protection of the Honey Bee  in South Africa? Bee Informed.

Unbelievable footage of a queen mating!

  A MUST SEE!!!! Also note how calm the Europene Bees are. These beekeepers aren’t even wearing any ovaralls!! We won’t even think of working like that here in South Africa!

Rooftop Beekeeping

  What do the rooftops of London, Paris, New York and now Cape Town have in common? They are all home to hives of bees, thanks to the collective efforts of conscientious city dwellers. As the world population explodes, “We need to change the way that we see cities. We also need to change the […]

Do the “Honey Bee”

Jump in and dance the “Honey Bee” with us, to promote awareness of the delicate state of honey bees in the world today!!    

Bee-Killing Pesticides Banned in Europe

Even though the European ban against bee-killing pesticides is still in a 2 year test phase, the news of the ban brought new hope to beekeepers, scientists and bee enthusiasts from all over the world. Pesticides that are harmful to bees are often used on crops that are being pollinated by bees, or that are situated […]