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The Honey Stall Hermanus

 Overberg Honey Company are the proud new owners of The Honey Stall  in Hermanus !! The Honey Stall specializes in honey and has a variety of products containing honey including skin care products, sweets, ice cream, liquors and many more…

Forever Aloe Products

Forever Bee Pollen Forever Bee Pollen is all-natural and contains no preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. Bee Pollen is readily digestible and easily absorbed by the human body. Research by scientists suggest that Bee Pollen provides energy and may enhance stamina. For more information please CLICK HERE Forever Bee Propolis Propolis is the protective substance […]

Is your honey the REAL thing?

Fake honey is everywhere. How would you know the difference?                       Read what researchers had to say. . .

Blueberry Pollination Time!

Yeah! Its Blueberry time again! Well, not quite yet, but to have blueberries soon, Overberg Honey”s bees are hard at work doing their best to produce the biggest, yummiest berries around! Watch our bees pollinating the blueberries!               AND h    

Planting 4 Bees in South Africa

    Do your bit for those that does so much for us. Here is a list of plants that would make these little guys look twice!

The State of Beekeeping in SA

  Ever wondered what part you can play in the protection of the Honey Bee  in South Africa? Bee Informed.

Unbelievable footage of a queen mating!

  A MUST SEE!!!! Also note how calm the Europene Bees are. These beekeepers aren’t even wearing any ovaralls!! We won’t even think of working like that here in South Africa!

The Buzz 4 Food

  Bee informed about this vital process and find out how you can take action to assist our pollinators. This video was made right here in the Overberg and would hopefully lead to a better understanding of the absolute necessity of not only bees, but also our beekeepers. The Buzz for Food –

Rooftop Beekeeping

  What do the rooftops of London, Paris, New York and now Cape Town have in common? They are all home to hives of bees, thanks to the collective efforts of conscientious city dwellers. As the world population explodes, “We need to change the way that we see cities. We also need to change the […]

Honeybees 4 Kids

    Teach your kids about the amazing benefits of honey and the importance of honeybees through interactive games, colouring pages, fun kiddies recipes and fun honeybee videos Educational games, recipes and crafts. Hive to Home Educational Video Fun movies for kids: Buzzbee Winnie the Pooh 02/09/2013